A Fun and Productive Saturday

This morning we decided to take advantage of a free Saturday to get some projects done around the house. I’ve been feeling like things are getting a bit out of hand over here, and since I will be starting work in a couple weeks, I want the house to be in order. Nathan’s project was the windows. They collect a lot of road grime and a bit of mold, along with lots of smears. We hadn’t cleaned them in ages. Nathan did a great job!

P1120435 My project was kids clothes. Elias recently outgrew all of his size 2T clothes so we are starting over with 3T. However, all of his old size clothes were still taking up space in his dresser and the boys’ closet. On top of that, Simon out grows sizes faster than you can say “get out the next size!” So….I sorted all the clothes we have for the boys, got out Elias’ old 12 month clothes for Simon (he is not quite in that size yet, but will be before the end of summer so now we are prepared), put away Elias’ 2T clothes, and reorganized the closet and dressers. Whew! I’m glad I won’t have to deal with clothes anymore until autumn!

P1120447What did the boys do while we were busy, you ask? Elias decided he wanted to paint. So paint he did.

P1120453We were recently given a chair for Simon by a friend. I got it out for him to try for the first time today. He enjoyed sitting up rather than having to lay on the floor. He sat in there for a good twenty minutes before he needed a change of scenery. He entertained himself with some rattles.

P1120450P1120440Don’t worry. We didn’t spend this entire beautiful day indoors. We took the boys out around 11 for a picnic. Then Elias and Daddy went to go play while Simon ate and took a short nap. I had him in the shade under a tree. When he woke up he was laying on the picnic blanket, and was entranced by the leaves rustling above us. What a great day!

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