Most days, Elias does not nap. It took me a long time to accept that that was going to be the new norm. I was expecting him to nap at least another year or two. But, we decided it was actually better that he doesn’t nap because when he did, he was not tired at bedtime. He’d lay in the dark talking to himself for up to two or three hours sometimes. Now that I have accepted this turn of events, I actually like it. If Simon naps well, I get some good quality time with Elias during the day. Even though I’d really like a nap myself some days, I treasure this time with him where we just do quiet activities together such as reading, puzzles, or art.

When Elias first started dropping the nap, he’d nap a couple times a week. Then it went down to once a week or so. Now…I think he has napped twice in the last month. So you can see why I was surprised yesterday to go in his room after quiet time and find him like this:

P1120509First, I thought about how cute it was. Book in hand. Comfy in the rocking chair. Poor sleepy boy. Second, I was actually a bit disappointed. I look forward to this time with him and I didn’t get it when he actually slept. Third, it struck me that both boys were asleep! What would I do with myself? I carefully moved Elias to his bed, quietly shut the door, paid a couple bills, got out my cross stitch, sat on the couch and did about six stitches….and Simon woke up. That’s life I guess.

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