Letter of the Week: A Toddler’s Alphabet Study (Hh)

It was H week in the Smith household. Elias enjoyed talking about H. I think he just likes making the “h” sound because every time we talked about it, he made the sound right away! Here is what we did:

Saturday: H is for House

I was painting a wooden box for a project at church, so I let Elias pick out a wooden bird house to paint as well. I also let him choose his colors. He picked purple, brown, red, and light blue. I am not sure yet whether we will keep the birdhouse to be displayed inside, or if we will put it outside on our balcony. We have a lot of bird traffic at our feeder right now so it might be fun to put out. Here is my little artist:

Testing out the new medium. I don't think he's every painted wood before.

Testing out the new medium. I don’t think he’s every painted wood before.

Getting all the sides.

Getting all the sides.

Gotta get the face too!

Gotta get the face too!

Sunday: H is for Hawaii

There were so many ideas I had for Hawaii, but we’ve been a bit heavy on the arts and crafts with this alphabet project so I decided to do something different. I cranked up the volume on some Hawaiian music, and we had a listen/dance party. I used the Makaha Sons, but there are lots of good choices out there. I also showed Elias where Hawaii is on the map compared to us. He was not very interested in the map, but hopefully some day he will be.

Monday: H is for Honduras

One of the little boys we sponsor (Esdras) is from Honduras. He was born on the exact same day as Elias. Elias and I talked about Esdras and prayed for him. Then I showed him Honduras on the map (again, Elias was not super interested in that). Then I asked Elias what he wanted to make to send to Esdras. He chose a watercolor painting. Here he is making his artwork to send to Honduras.

P1120389P1120388Tuesday: H is for Hands

We talked a lot about hands today. We listed things that we use our hands for. We made lots of sign language letters (Elias really likes M, N, and T because his thumb “plays peek-a-boo). We counted our fingers. Then we traced our hands and cut them out to be decorated. Look at his cute little hands:

P1120405Wednesday: H is for Helicopter

We went to the library to sign up for the summer reading program, and to find a book about rescue helicopters. Uncle Greg just got hired on as a life flight pilot in Ohio, so I thought it would be fun for Elias to find out more about what he will be doing. We found a book at the library pretty quickly. We checked out Working Hard with the Rescue Helicopter by Cynthia Benjamin. I was also planning on playing with Harold the Helicopter but we never got around to it.

Thursday: H is for Highlights

I was actually planning on doing H is for hammer today. I was going to get some golf tees and styrofoam and let Elias hammer away. However, stellar mom that I am, I never got to the store to purchase them/never found anyone to borrow said items from. So…I had to improvise. As I sat next to Elias at lunch trying to think of an “H” activity, I spotted his Highlights magazine. So…H is for Highlights. We read some short stories and poems out of it, and did a couple puzzles together.

Friday: H is for Heaven

I was going to read the resurrection story to Elias and talk a bit about Heaven today for our Bible lesson. However, when I mentioned Heaven, Elias said he wanted to sing “Our Father in Heaven.” After we finished singing that, I decided to read him the story of Jesus teaching the Lord’s prayer. I still talked to him a bit about Heaven, but that concept is a bit out of his reach at two years old.

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