Work and Play In The Yard…Is There a Difference?

We spent most of the first half of our day at the urgent care for poor Simon. He has conjunctivitis in both eyes and looks pretty miserable. However, for the most part, he acts his cheery self. Hopefully the eye drops will clear up his problems soon!

When we got home, we were itching to get outside because the weather was so beautiful. Both boys are still sick so we didn’t run around playing soccer or tag or anything. We didn’t do any climbing or jumping. We did yard work!

The thing about it, though, is that we all had a lot of fun, so it seemed more like yard play. I did a lot of weeding, and cleaning up of the yard. There were a lot of dead leaves and needles everywhere since no one was here in the fall to clean them up. Elias of course got his spade and helped. Simon followed Elias around, trampling my new green shoots of who knows what. I asked Nate if he thought they would be resilient. His answer? “Anything that grows in our yard is going to have to be resilient.”

Elias had a lot of fun putting the hard debris in the can. Here he has stolen Simon’s hat and grabbed a huge handful of dead leaves:

P1160932Dad!!!…Get this big rake out of the way! I’m working here!

P1160933And Simon……

Excuse me while I take care of this stick.

(I had recently applied warm compresses and cleaned his eyes so you can’t really tell, but his poor little eyes are so messed up!)

P1160934And….he found the lawn mower box. Any child’s dream come true.

P1160947We were out for a couple of hours mowing, weeding, trimming, pruning, and generally enjoying each other and our yard. It was amazing how many neighbors we met for the first time. Everyone is coming outside now that the weather is nice! It felt like we were at the park all day…except it was way easier because we were in our own front yard.

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