Another Day At Hagg Lake!

We’ve been wanting to take the boys to Hagg lake for the last couple of weeks since it has been so hot outside (and inside). We finally had enough time open up on our calendar to go to the lake today! My parents met us with their boat, and we brought a picnic and some swim suits to enjoy the fun.

When we first arrived, Elias really wanted to drive the boat.

P1180409Then after we left the no wake zone, Elias decided he wanted a ride on the tube. He had been on the tube once last summer, and obviously remembered how fun it was! (Plus we’ve been talking it up all year) We still went pretty slow, but Elias had a blast!

P1180417Simon decided to try out his driving skills while Elias was otherwise occupied on the tube. He got annoyed with me trying to get his attention. He wanted to be looking where he was going!

P1180419After a picnic lunch, we decided to go swimming in the lake. It was about 79 degrees…pretty warm for a lake…but it still felt really cold when we first got in. Elias almost got out right at the beginning, but once we convinced him to stay in long enough to get used to it, he had a blast! The lake really was actually quite refreshing…that first dip in was just difficult!

P1180421Elias was jumping in the water off the boat and off the tube in no time! He absolutely loved it. We also made him practice swimming with the life jacket. He was very proud of himself.

Simon had a bit of a tougher time getting used the the water. His life jacket, although important, was more uncomfortable than the rest of ours. But he ended up having a lot of fun when he decided he wanted to jump off of the boat and the tube into the lake just like his brother. Here we are adjusting Simon’s life jacket while Elias gets ready for a jump.

P1180427After swimming, we took a family tube ride. It was Simon’s first time being pulled behind the boat. His little cheeks are so cute, being all smooshed up by his life jacket. He didn’t really smile, but he just sat there and took it all in. I think he enjoyed it.

P1180433Then it was time for the big kid rides. My mom and I took a turn on the tube going fast, and then Nathan and I. Elias and Simon both enjoyed learning how to be flag boys.

P1180435After one last ride on the tube for Elias, and some more swimming in the lake, it was time for us to go home. It was amazingly fun, and Nathan and I left wondering why we don’t go more often!

We actually went straight to a birthday party for one of Elias’ and Simon’s friends. Here are the boys playing together at the party:

P1180444What a great day!

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  1. Linda says:

    We had such a fun time at the lake with you guys too! I loved seeing how much the boys enjoyed swimming and boating in the lake. We definitely have to find another free day before the summer disappears!

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