We Survived

Today Nathan went back to work after three weeks of family leave. The short version? We survived!

I fully realize that this post is a first world problems type of post. I am so lucky that Nathan got to stay home at all. That I can stay home taking care of the boys. That we have no other bigger problems right now than adjusting to a new routine. But it is a big adjustment for everybody and realizing that they are first world problems doesn’t make the adjustment much easier.

We were all up super late last night because Nathan and I played in the Lessons and Carols service at our church. So as a treat, the boys all slept in until 7am or so. Within 10 or 15 minutes of getting out of bed, though, both Simon and Caleb were crying, Simon was screaming at me, “I want Daddy!!!!!!!”, and I didn’t see how I’d ever get to eat any meals. I really wanted to brush my teeth so that I could feel more human, and as I did so, Simon yelled at Caleb, “Stop Crying!!!!!!” It wasn’t a very good start.

As a whole, though, the day was pretty much as bad as I expected and as good as I could have hoped at the same time. Since the day was starting out so rocky, I decided I couldn’t really make it worse by trying to take a shower. I popped in a movie for the older two, got Caleb down for a nap, and prayed he would last at least five or ten minutes before wanting to be held. But I got a great surprise when he slept for a whole hour and a half! Not only did I get in my shower, but I folded three loads of laundry that had been cluttering up the floor of our bedroom, answered some emails, and spent some time with Elias and Simon baby free. And all before lunch!

The day had many ups and downs from there, and I won’t write a play by play here. I had lots of plans to try to go to playgroup or to try to go get Elias a haircut. None of those panned out. But hey…it was only my first day. Luckily it’s winter break and we have a lot of time to adjust.

After nap time, I decided that the boys needed some fresh air. We had a break in the wind and rain so I bundled us all up and we went out to ride bikes just in time to see Daddy get home from work. After some fun outside, we came in to warm up and I handed off Caleb to Daddy to give my arms and back a rest.

Upon seeing his Daddy, Caleb immediately gave Nathan the biggest grin. It was his first smile. The whole scene was adorable, but I had a hard time feeling happy for Nathan. I had spent all day caring for the kid, and then he gives Daddy his first smile. Thanks a lot! I guess I’m just the food source!

After that Caleb settled right in to his comfy spot.

20151221_183709Auntie Kristy and Uncle Scott (and James) brought us a delicious dinner so we didn’t have to cook for ourselves.

So…we survived. I can’t believe I will be doing it all over again tomorrow….and the next day…and all the days from now on! I know it will get easier and I am just trying to enjoy it however much I can.

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  1. Linda says:

    I’m so glad everything worked out! We are excited for our dec 26th celebration!

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